Caspian Gull ~ 1st. W ~ Smygehuk, Sweden - 07.09.14

Thursday, 11 September 2014

We made our way from first light checking harbours etc moving westerly towards the airport for our early evening flight ...
From Simrishamn we drove straight to Ystad and continued on route 9 checking and finding only the usual gulls, after a couple of hours it seemed that maybe, we had done a wrong un !!
There were hardly any fishing harbours on the south coast until we got to Smygehuk, this was a tiny little port with c.40 large gulls and mixed in was 3 Caspian's, the sun was behind us making this a great morning site for photography ...

3 Caspian's & good light = Game On !!

This bird turned out to be the star of the trip, it loved the game and kept coming back round showing off ..

Quite a few replaced 2nd. gen feathers and the ventral bulge is very pronounced in flight ...

A big lump of a bird, probably a male ..
That really liked to play our game ..

In total we had c.27 Caspian's all birds but there were so many more we missed at the two prime sites of Simrishamn & Skillinge ...

Here's a less advanced cy bird that just didn't really want to join in, and the 3rd bird flatly refused to !!

A great short trip at will be repeated very soon on week days !!!


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