Kumlien's Gull ~ Dover Harbour, Kent ... 25.02.12

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Yeah i know, back again blah, blah ...
Why not !!
The promise of some nice light and the lure of even more gull's was just to much to handle, so by 08:00  we were at Wellington Docks, Dover Harbour.

Then a walk out for some Gull action on Admiralty Pier, couldn't quite get the feeding frenzy going but  we had a good go at it !!

Kumlien's Gull ~ 2nd. W


Thom said...

hi! i'm from dover. your pictures are amazing! i'm here for a few days. i might go and try to find the slavonian grebe. do you think it's still here or was it just here for the winter? check out my bird blog here: http://tpuntonbirdblog.blogspot.co.uk/

BirdingBoy said...

Superb pictures! I love the grebe. I'm going to visit soon for some raven pics, yours is fantastic!