Iceland Gull - 2W ~ Thames Road Waste Depot, Crayford, Kent ... 21.01.12

Saturday, 21 January 2012

After trying a few other local sites Me & Kev chanced our luck at the local Council dump & Viridor waste just off Thames road in Crayford. 
This is a good site for gull's and plenty of em', scanned the waste ground along side The Jolly Farmers pub, then Viridor and then from the footpath to view the rear of the Council tip. We scanned the salt mounds and i was just viewing a Y.L.Gull when in came a stunning white winger, I shouted to Kev who had his winkle out at the time " I've got a white winger, Iceland Gull " what !! ... a White winger ...
We texted a few people who turned up quick smart the Kent & London massive well 4 people !! Then another Ian who saw it from the train ! .. and finally a 6th person ... wow ... We nearly had to call LGRE for some crowd control advise !!

The images that you are about to see are dodgey !!
I have no excuses ...

Iceland Gull ~ 2.W

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Kev Jarvis said...

If i'm not careful a gull will get my winkle one of these day's!!