2011 Summary !!!

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Wow what a totally crazy year ...

Well where do i start, firstly 2011 has been amazing for so many reasons but most importantly images !!
That's what its all about images, Photographing birds, trying to capture artistic, pleasing shots of the chosen subject as best you can ...
So in January, I upgraded to a 1DmkIIn body and the year just got better from that point onwards !!

This is going to be extremely tough to chose but I'm going to start with ...

"Image of the Month"













In total 247 species photographed this year in the Western Palearctic.

British Year List for 2011 was 240 species.

Best Trip
Has to be our Algarve, Portugal trip in September .. The 3 of us birded from dawn till dusk at great locations and  resulted in some brilliant birds !!
Wonderful trip and a return is planned !!

Worst Trip
For me bloody Pendle Hill wins it hands down !! ... Gruelling walk up it, found sod all and then the walk back down, well i fought i was going to die !!

Best for Images
Has to be both the Hungary trips with Sakertours plenty of species all at touching distance !!
Got to go back !!

Luckiest Moment
So many but surely the Merlin at Dungeness, which flew in off the sea and gave fantastic views .. has to take it !!

Bird of the Year
Now this was difficult with so many candidates from Eagle's fighting each other to Grebe's weed dancing so this go's to the Little Bittern seen a few times whilst in the Algarve, totally amazing just how small they are .. And with it being on my wishlist for a while to actually seeing it and then so close, getting myself in to a photographing position so close and then i flushed it !! What a Tosser ...

Plans for 2012

Jan/Feb .. Ireland for Nearctic Gull's
March .. Majorca
April .. Hungary for Woodpecker's ?
Apr/May .. Pyrennes ~ Lammergeier & Wallcreeper
June .. Farne Islands
June .. Romania ~ Danube Delta Tour - BOOKED
September .. Algarve

Hopefully all these and more !!

Target Species for 2012

Ptarmigan, Capercaillie, Black Grouse,  Diver's ( Sum Plum ), Lammergeier, Cream-Coloured Courser, Spotted Redshank ( Sum Plum ), Pallas's Gull, Great Spotted Cuckoo, Rufous Bush Robin, Wallcreeper & Rock Bunting ... and just about any that let's you get close enough !! 

Thanks to all who take the time to talk, comment and give out info ...

Special thanks to Richard ....
Now without him it wouldn't of been possible for me to have done half of what i've achieved this year ... Don't stop with the crazy idea's !!!

And Kev for being great company !!

" Image of the Year 2011 "

Wilson's Storm Petrel ~ Algarve

Good Luck for next year

!! .. Bigger & Better .. !!


Ornitocampero.blogspot.com.es said...

Increedible images!!
happy new year...I live close to the pirinees if you want some info ...you know.
Saludos from pamplona spain

Matt Latham said...

Looks like you had a cracking year Mick with some quality images captured. Have a good 2012 and hope to catch up again.