Quail ~ Crayford Marsh, Kent - 14.06.12

Thursday, 14 June 2012

A Text from Kev at 06:30am saying he's got a Quail singing in Moat Lane.

Late afternoon and straight from work i meet Chris Gibbard we walk out and have great views of the bird out in the open and two flight views !!

I ring Kev to tell him and pick him up for a return visit this time with the camera. We get there and the Quail is calling, it's not long and we're joined by Andy Lawson.

The calls get near & near, weirdly the call now sounds so close both Me and Kev look in the long grass at our feet !!

Yet the bird appears 8 / 10 meters out !

For the next 5 minutes all three of us were trigger happy !!!



Crayford Marsh .. Is accessed off Moat Lane in Slade Green, Moat Lane leads in Hazel Road but a not so obvious road which is Moat Lane continues off towards the Sportsman.
Park in Moat Lane and walk past the 2 Houses and the road forks take the right hand fork When you get to the bench at the creek the bird was calling in the paddock with the horses in on the right looking at the creek !!

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